Monday, June 23, 2008

Notes on Stupidity

I came across this today, and I have to share it.

There is a pastor in Cedar Rapids Iowa that thinks that the floods ravaging the midwest right now are a 'symptom of the curse initiated by the fall of man in Genesis 3."  He goes on to say that "Our source of hope is not FEMA....It is not flood walls. Our source of hope is that we have a King Jesus who can subdue the earth and have dominion over it." 

I thought this was interesting because it is a relevant example to what I posted last week about the dangers of religious thought. This man goes on to urge people to let the floods be a reminder that Cedar Rapids is not " our hometown." Apparently their hometown is the 'New Jerusalem' and they are waiting to be taken home. This is incredibly inappropriate in a time when mother nature is damaging lives and destroying livelihoods. These people should be out there helping to build levees and reinforce flood walls but instead they are content to pray for the return of king jesus. And of course, they are going to thank god for being so merciful and sparing their souls despite the fact that 1) he obviously just destroyed many peoples lives and 2) it will be modern technology that will provide them with relief. What do you guys think?

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Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

Amen. In a similar vein, accounts of pyrrhic miracles are odious to me and to many other atheists I know. Things like, A jet crashed, killing 159 of the 160 passengers on board. One 3 year old girl survived with only crippling injuries - it's a miracle!